Hancock County Children’s Choir

IMG_7714The Hancock County Children’s Choir is a musical ensemble for treble voices based in Greater Hancock County but open to all 2-5 grade children in the surrounding area. The program’s mission is to provide an educational experience for area children who wish to explore singing in a group at an age when choral experiences are limited in the schools. The Choir stands as an opportunity for students to develop relationships with others with similar interests and gain a greater understanding of how to use their voices in an ensemble. The Choir is directed by Celia Stockton and Bev Roby is the accompanist. 

General Information


Any child with an unchanged voice in grades 2-5, who can make a firm Monday evening rehearsal commitment is welcome to audition for the choir.

Audition Process:

Auditions are very non-threatening. They only take 20 minutes and are done in a small group setting. Children do not need to prepare a piece.


Tuition Cost:

Tuition to be a member of the Hancock County Children’s Choir for one full year is $240 and $220 for each additional family member.  Tuition for one semester is $120 per student. This includes all rehearsals, supplies, polo shirt and performances. Tuition assistance and payment plans are available. 


Concert Attire:

Our concert attire includes a choir polo shirt and dress pants.  More information will be available at a later date.   

Rehearsal Format:

All rehearsals will be closed.  We will be asking for a few parent volunteers for all rehearsals.

HCCC Attendance Policy:

Choir Members may have 1 excused absence from a rehearsal each semester. Choir Members MUST be in attendance at ALL Dress Rehearsals and Performances.


For more information:

Email Craig VanRenterghem at or call 419-422-3412 x 3