Seussical the Musical Auditions


Winebrenner Theological Seminary  (950 N Main St)

August 14
5:30-7:30 p.m. – Grades 1-5
7:30-9:30 p.m. – Grades 9-12

August 15    

5:30-7:30 p.m. – Grades 6-8

August 16    

5:30-7:30 p.m. – Callbacks, if needed

Cast List posted – Up to 80 Youth will be cast

Rehearsals Begin

August 21, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., Winebrenner Theological Seminary (950 N Main St). Monday-Thursday are the typical rehearsal days. Sunday September 17, 24 and October 1 we will practice in the afternoon

Show Dates

October 7 and 8, 2017- Marathon Center for the Performing Arts (200 W Main Cross St)

General Information

Actors are required to attend all assigned/scheduled rehearsals.

Actors are required to attend all run-throughs the week before and the week of the show.

Too many schedule conflicts may affect your casting in Seussical.

All conflicts must be written on the audition sheet. Three unexcused absences may result in the removal from the production.


Preparing for the Audition:

Please review your schedules for school and extra-curricular activities to make sure that you can make this commitment.  The success of the production depends on EVERYONE.  Therefore, it is important that all involved in the production are available to attend the rehearsals as scheduled.  Please note that not ALL on-stage cast members are required to attend EVERY rehearsal, however, EVERYONE (on-stage cast and technical crew members) need to attend the run-throughs and technical rehearsals during the final weeks prior to the performances (please contact Craig VanRenterghem with any questions).

EVERYONE auditioning for an on-stage cast audition must register through the form below.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are auditioning for the on-stage cast come prepared for movement. You DO NOT need to prepare anything—all information will be provided at the auditions.  Just bring a positive attitude and a SMILE!

Youth only interested in the technical crew must drop off materials during auditions on and speak briefly with the technical staff who will discuss the various technical crew positions with you.

Those auditioning for an on-stage cast position are also encouraged to apply for a technical team position, as there are many ways to be involved with the production.  Technical team positions include set construction/painting crew, costume assistant, make-up assistant, and usher.

Prior to auditions please fill out and bring these waivers and medical forms.

Seussical Character List

The Cat in the Hat: (Lead role) Narrator and Soloist, some improvisational interaction with audience is required. Must not be afraid to be a comedian. (Grade 8-12)

Jojo: (Lead role) Child with a wild imagination. Girl or boy with an unchanged voice. Must be able to sing alone. (Grade 3-8)

Horton the Elephant: (Lead role) Male role, many solos and lines. Tenor/Baritone. A pushover that can’t say no to anyone. (Grade 8-12)

Gertrude McFuzz: (Lead/support) A ditzy comedic bird who likes Horton, but he doesn’t notice her. Several solos and lines. (Grade 8-12)

Mayzie La Bird: (Lead/support) A bird who is completely irresponsible, selfish, and always takes the better offer.  Must have a very strong, loud voice. Several solos and lines. (Grade 8-12)

Sour Kangaroo: (Lead/support) Female. Crabby until the end. Voices her negative opinion about everything. Think “Queen Latifah” style voice. Alto…definitely gospel, very loud and very strong. Opportunities to use improvisation in singing. (Grade 8-12)

Baby Kangaroo: (support) Female child. Does everything exactly the same as her mother, including actions. Must be able to sing loud (gospel) style like her mother. (Grade 1-5)

The Wickersham Brothers: (support) Men. They are monkeys. Picture tough guys hanging out on the street comer like West Side Story.   Opportunity to be goofy. Bullies. Very brief, several word solos and lines.  (Grade 1-12)

The Bird Girls: (support) Females. These girls will be like backup

singers/ narrators. They are in a lot of the show. They usually backup Mayzie and  Gertrude. The bird girls are all about drama. (Grade 1-12)

The Whos: (support) All ages . Will be singing harmony, doing a small amount of choreography. (Grades 1-12)

Mr. Mayor: (support) Adult male. The mayor of Whoville. Has solos and lines. Jojo’s father. (Grade 8-12)

Mrs. Mayor: (support) Adult female. The mayor’s wife.   Has solos and lines. Jojo’s mother. (Grade 8-12)

Grinch: (support) Adult male. Soloist and lines. (Grade 6-12)

General Gengus Khan Schmitz: (support)  . A general that takes Jojo to the military academy. Sings an entire song alone. Some lines. (Grade 8-12)

Jungle Creatures: Chorus. Must be willing to do some movement/easy choreography. Must be very energetic. Never human. Book cartoon characters (Grade 1-12)

Swing Ensemble: 8-10 people. Looking for people with dance and vocal experience. You will be doing choreography as Hunches, Fish, and in other scenes sing in the chorus as costume changes allow. (Grade 6-12)

Judge Yertle the Turtle: Adult Male. Small role in beginning and very end of show. A few solos. (Grade 8-12)

Vlad Vladikoff: The eagle. Says one line. Will also be a chorus member or a Who. (Grade 1-5)

Thing 1 and Thing 2:  The Cat in the Hat’s sidekicks. Must not be afraid to be a comedian. No lines. (Grades 6-12)


Acceptance Information:                            

The cast list and technical crew list will be posted at www.artspartnership.comafter noon on August 17.  Click on Youtheatre link and follow to cast list.  ALL assignments must be accepted or refused by 12:00 p.m. on Friday, August 18, by e-mailing  and indicating YOUTHEATRE RESPONSE in the Subject line.  Remember, the decision of the directors is FINAL! 

        • All youth who are part of the on-stage cast are asked to pay a $60 fee and those who are working as a youth assistant or on the technical crew are asked to pay a $25 fee.  This fee includes a T-shirt, cast photo and script for the on stage cast and T-Shirt and cast photo for Technical Crew.  In addition, the fee includes costs associated with the production of the show, including, but not limited to, instructional costs, props, set construction, artistic rights, lighting, sound, costumes, cast party, and administration costs such as ticketing and publicity.  Full or partial scholarships are available.  Please see Craig VanRenterghem for details.
        • Tickets go on sale on Monday, August 28 to members of the Director’s Circle pARTners (members) on Tuesday, August 29. Parents and families can buy tickets beginning Tuesday, September 5. To learn more about becoming a pARTner click here.